Finding The Middle

The Middle is where we get things done. It’s where we truly change the world. It’s where we love others despite the things we don’t like or understand about them. It’s where strength and peace grow. And it’s where we are hated by those who don’t or won’t understand.

The Middle is where I live. It’s where I reject Labels, those ugly things that automatically divide us despite our commonalities. It’s where I can be loved or hated just for being me. It’s where the Labeled expect me to fit into their box. It’s where so many will cling to their Labels no matter what The Middle provides.

The World is not black and white. It’s not shades of gray. It affords us an never-ending palette of freedom to be who you are and to offer love when others hate.

I reject Labels. I knock them down. I tear them apart. I reevaluate those things that our society no longer questions. I reevaluate those things that are done in the name of conformity.

Now don’t mistake me; I am no extremist. Extremism, by definition, does not exist in The Middle. So join me, if you like, in my attempts to lighten the load – to replace the darkness with light. I fail … often. But this is how I change the world. One mediation at a time. One outstretched hand at a time. One act of love at a time.